The Event Temple Pillars Part 1: Ease of Use

Dec 31st, 2020 in

In this 4-part series we will dive into Event Temple’s four pillars – ease of use, best in class integrations, powerful data, and industry leading support – and why focusing on these 4 critical components has differentiated us from other software on the market.

Event Temple Ease Of Use

The Event Temple Difference

Our mission at Event Temple is to be the best hotel sales and catering software in the world. To ensure we’re constantly working towards that goal, we focus on our 4 pillars of differentiation – ease of use,  best in class integrations, powerful data, and industry leading support. 

All of our decisions around product development, on-boarding and support, and sales and marketing are fuelled by these 4 pillars giving our team the focus necessary to be the best true enterprise sales and catering system for hotels on the market. 

Over the years, we’ve learned that hotel groups and chains are looking for a sales and catering software that provides robust data, premium integrations, and enterprise level tools and, while many companies claim to be able to deliver on these core functionalities, we’ve only found one true enterprise legacy system that checks these boxes. 

Through continuous research, product development, and industry growth, we continue to develop our product into the software that hotels have been asking for, making Event Temple THE ONLY modern competitor to legacy software.

So how is Event Temple winning the hearts of hotel groups and chains worldwide? It all goes back to our core 4 pillars. In this 4 part series we will take a deep dive into each of the 4 pillars and explain how focusing on these pillars differentiate us from legacy systems.

First up – Ease of Use.

Pillar 1- Ease of Use

Historically, hospitality technology has been clunky, slow and hard to use resulting in a drawn out learning curve and low user adoption. Why has hotel tech been so difficult? To be honest, it’s incredibly hard to build a software system that’s both powerful AND easy to use.

How exactly have we done it? 

Event Temple is a data-driven company meaning all our decisions are backed by research and evidence. The data we use to make decisions can come in many different shapes and forms. In regards to user experience and ease of use, we’re constantly reviewing in-app heat maps, number of clicks, page loading times, user trends, and customer feedback.

The result?

Continuously polishing current features like our document builder and releasing new features like the Mews integration to make our users’ lives easier.

Event Temple’s commitment to simplifying the user experience without sacrificing functionality has allowed hotel sales and event teams to increase their overall efficiency while still being able to manage complicated groups and events. 

We recently had a customer who was looking for a new sales and catering program because it was taking him 45 minutes to build and send a standard event order on his legacy system. This was an obvious bottleneck impacting his overall efficiency – one we knew Event Temple could resolve. During a 7 day trial, he was able to generate and send an event order in less than 10 minutes. He purchased a subscription immediately. 

Customer stories like the one above keep us motivated to be the premiere enterprise sales and catering software for hotels. Inefficient processes can cost organizations as much as 20-30% of their annual revenue. That number stings in a business-as-usual world and, in a COVID-19 world, that number can be the difference between staying afloat and closing shop. 

How else is Event Temple increasing overall productivity for hotels worldwide?

1 – Customers are able to learn our system so much faster than a legacy system. Users are able to create contracts and proposals and build groups and events during their first day of using Event Temple.

2 – Users have reported legacy systems are difficult to use and inefficient. As our industry navigates through these unprecedented times, they have to operate with less people and efficiency matters. Hotels need their software to be able to do more with less. Event Temple has done this by:

– Limiting the number of clicks needed compared to multi-click saving processes in legacy systems.

– Eliminating double data entry and having an in-app document builder. Legacy systems have out of app document builders that involve double data entry and take 30-45 minutes to generate.

3 – Event Temple was designed to do the mundane tasks for your salespeople so they can spend more time closing and prospecting. 

Event Temple’s commitment to building a powerful AND easy software system is changing the way that hotels look at their tech. Hoteliers are no longer pulling out their hair, screaming at a screen because a document didn’t save or an error was made due to double data entry. They can trust that the system will work and can spend time on the things that matter – their guests. 

Next, we will look at Event Temple’s second pillar – Best In Class Integrations.

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