About Us

Event Temple is the leading provider of modern Hotel and Venue Management software for the 21st century. We're a values-driven organization with a highly focused mission:

To be the largest and most respected hotel sales and catering software provider in the world.

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Our Vision
To become the world's largest, most respected sales and catering software for venues and hotels, while creating success, happiness and opportunity for our customers, team and communities.
Our History
Company established 2015 Built To Solve The Founders’ Pain
Event Temple was started when Bob Graham approached Pouyan Taghipour (both co-founders) about a problem he had with his event's management business. There was no software on the market that could solve his company's problem, so Event Temple was born.
Event Temple (Un)Successfully Grows To Hundreds Of Users
The company quickly grew to hundreds of users. Though it seemed like a huge success, the founders realized their current business wouldn't scale. They had lots of very small businesses as users, but they all had many different software needs. The team required focus.
The Dark Period: From Good To Great
Though the founders had found conventional success, they knew they couldn't grow a business with so many competing business requirements from a large number of customers. They went on a mission to find "product-market fit" over many months. This was essentially their "dark period".
A Customer With A Pain: Meeting With The Hilton
Event Temple found the right customer for their product when a chance encounter led Bob to reconnect with an old friend who was now managing the Hilton Doubletree 2 hours from their office. The Event Temple team was introduced there to the team who told them their dream to build a better system.
Building For Venues and Hotels: Focused On A Single Solution
The Co-Founders decided to take a chance to focus all of their efforts on their venue and hotel customers. They built the software with feedback from their hotel and venue customers. It worked. The company has since been scaling at a rapid pace with thousands of users in 12 countries.
Growing FAST!
We view the path to excellence as "never ending". As a result, we continue to build and innovate on our existing platform of success, based on feedback we receive as part of the ongoing partnership we have with our customers around the world.
Our Values
We are building a bright future for hospitality at Event Temple. That’s why the first letter of each of our values spell: B.R.I.G.H.T.
Bias For Action
We take decisive action as part of a regular keystone habit. The growth mindset is everything to us. Effort produces results.
Respectful Disagreement
Be open minded to hear the point of view of believable people. Listen with respect and consider alternative points of view.
We define integrity as doing what you say you are going to do, when you say you are going to do it. If you cannot do it, say so, and what you will do to fix it.
Persevere with faith while facing the reality of the current situation, regardless of what that reality may be.
Happiness Here & Now
Happiness is not a destination, it is found in the present. We are optimistic realists who see the glass as half-full.
Truth (Find It)
Be objective about yourself and find the truth in the situation. Take time to reflect and challenge your own beliefs.
We’re always looking for talent.
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