Event Temple Pillars Part 3: Powerful Data

Dec 31st, 2020 in

In this 4-part series we will dive into Event Temple’s four pillars – ease of use, best in class integrations, powerful data, and industry leading support – and why focusing on these 4 critical components has differentiated us from other software on the market.

Pillar 3 – Powerful Data

We’ve already looked at 2 of our pillars – ease of use and best in class integrations. In part 3 of The Event Temple Pillars series, we will look at data and why we spend a lot of time and energy ensuring our users can easily access powerful data so that they can make informed business decisions. 

Why is data so important and how does our data compare to the other systems out there? 

To quote our CEO, Bob Graham, “Reporting and drilling down into data gives our customers the ability to understand their own winning sales formula, so they can spend more time on what works and less time on what doesn’t.”

We’ve all heard the saying that information is power. Sales teams, hotel managers, hotel owners, are all able to make empowered decisions when they can access data. If the data is easy to generate, access, and manipulate, sales teams are more likely to use data to make decisions and better understand their sales process. 

When we built out our reporting system, we spoke with hoteliers to better understand how they are currently using the data in legacy systems and some of their biggest challenges around that data. 

These were the top 3 challenges and what we’ve done to counter these issues:

1 – Reports are Slow to Generate

We wanted to make sure that users could easily generate and email or download a report in a matter of seconds. Hoteliers and their sales team can quickly access financial reports, forecasting reports for both groups and catering, and sales activity reports. 

They can look at their sales cycles and analyze their sales inputs that resulted in a positive outcome and repeat that process. By analyzing the data available, sales teams can create a predictable sales process and predictable revenue. 

2 – Users Need Coding Experience Or Need Tech Support For Advanced Customization

Event Temple allows the customizations of fields on various objects for advanced reporting. You can slice and dice Event Temple like a spreadsheet to get whatever you need out of it. If you are consistently customizing a specific type of report you can save that view and access the report like one of our standard reports in the future.

3 – Robust Reports Not Included In Subscription

All our standard reports and customization tools are included in your subscription. We believe in making data driven decisions and want our customers to have access to that information so that they can make the best decisions for their business. 

Providing our clients with the easy to access robust data enables them to be the best at their jobs. We don’t want our clients pulling all nighters, cursing their boss trying to generate an annual or year end report. We’ve worked extremely hard to provide our clients with a system that can generate powerful reports in seconds so you can spend more time on prospecting and sales. 

Finally, we will explore our last pillar – Industry Leading Support.

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