STAYNTOUCH is the industry’s only guest-centric, mobile & cloud property management system. With a 90% client retention rate and a 240% ROI, the goal of STAYNTOUCH is to create a single platform that combines innovation and hospitality, makes hotels operate more efficiently, and gives visitors more control over their experiences.

STAYNTOUCH is quick, scalable and reliable to use. At StayNTouch, you can simplify your hotel operations, amplify revenue streams, enhance staff performance and manage your assets flexibly using a user-friendly interface and a guest-centric approach.

Why We Love Them:

  1. Enables your guests to check in and check out from their mobile phones, which is pretty convenient.
  2. Utilizes an easy-to-use Chain Dashboard to manage your complete supply chain seamlessly. Using the dashboard to manage availability across your portfolio simplifies switching between chain, group, and individual property views.
  3. Connects you to a library of more than 1100 integrations, 40+ OTA interfaces, and open and simplified APIs for flexible customization.

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