Event Temple is proud to be an integration partner with Stripe. Stripe is a industry leader for online credit card processing and payments.

Stripe is the best software platform for handling digital credit card payments. We handle billions of dollars every year for forward-thinking businesses around the world. Secure. Modern. Integrated.

Integrating Event Temple & Stripe allow customers to pay Event Temple Invoices online with a credit card. When a customer makes a payment on Stripe, it goes directly to your bank account. Think of Stripe as a digital POS (Point of Sale) and credit card processing system, connected to Event Temple

There is an initial setup process which involves connecting your bank account. When you choose to use Stripe with our software, you are selecting them as a payment vendor and you do so at your own discretion, enter into a relationship with Stripe as you would with any new software vendor & ensure any key stakeholders are involved in the decision.

IMPORTANT - prior to connecting to Stripe ensure your Organization's currency is correct. Stripe will process payments in the currency you have selected within your Organization Settings.

Get full instructions on managing Stripe payments here

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