Event Temple is proud to be a commercial partner with Duetto. Duetto is an industry leader as a revenue management tool for events.

Duetto is a revenue management software focusing solely on yield management and dynamic pricing that helps hotels optimize their pricing strategies and maximize their revenue.  They use advanced algorithms to analyze market demand and adjust the pricing accordingly, ensuring that hotels always sell their rooms optimally. Being versatile and adaptable by design, cutting-edge software solutions are a fantastic option for hotels trying to keep up with today's rapidly evolving hospitality sector.

Why We Love Them:

  1. The quotation generator feature lets hoteliers skip the laborious detail transfer and convert a calculation directly into a finished offer.
  2. The pricing calendar feature lets customers get an overview of the different, day-specific prices for booking purposes.
  3. Hotels can handle their inventory in real-time with Duetto, guaranteeing they always have a precise picture of their availability.
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Event Temple is a proud partner of IDEAS who offers revenue management solutions for business of all types and sizes in the hospitality industry

See next-level success with revenue science. IDeaS is the world's leading provider of revenue management solutions for optimal profitability and productivity in the hospitality and parking industry.

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Event Temple is proud to be a partner with Get Into More. Get into More is an elite business intelligence tool for meetings, events & group business.

Get Into MoRe is a top solution for function space and group business optimization. They integrate into your event management system and focuses on streamlining your function space revenue management.

To make the task of total revenue management, including meetings & events optimization, simpler, MoRe provides two all-inclusive solutions. The first solution isMoRe,’ regarded as the best business intelligence tool for conferences, meetings, and group business. The second solution is ‘Max,’ the first AI-powered RMS for conferences, meetings, and group projects.

Why We Love Them:

  1. ‘MAX’ is capable of achieving the highest revenue per available square m/ft.
  2. Get Into MoRe helps hotels to track performance and understand granular conversion.
  3. Helps hotels to discover trends and make data-driven decisions accordingly.
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