Roosted, formerly known as Schedulehead, provides staffing solutions to event companies all around the globe. Companies leveraging Roosted are said to be 84% faster in scheduling their staff and running payroll. Roosted’s two major solutions are ‘Scheduling and Time Tracking.’ The scheduling solution allows companies to manage their staff efficiently. It assists in tracking employee check-ins, gives the staff the most recent information about the shifts, and maintains track of their performance. On the other hand, the time tracking system helps streamline the payroll process by 90%. 


Why We Love Them:

  1. The Roosted’s ‘geo-fencing’ feature enables hotels to monitor when staff members check in by gathering selfies and assists in following up with the uniform requirements for each shift.
  2. The ‘autotext robot’ feature automatically reaches out to the staff to fill the open shifts.
  3. The shift reminders function makes it possible to notify staff via SMS or email of their upcoming shifts.

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