Loop24 offers solutions for managing conference rooms and digital signage. The main goal of Loop24 is to make all of its solutions—LoopSign, LoopMeeting, LoopAssist, and LoopBooking— available in a convenient and affordable package that is available to everyone. 

Why We Love Them:

  1. With the help of the LoopSign system, hotels can easily and interactively build, change, and manage all of their digital signage.
  2. The LoopBooking solution assists hotels in making the best use of the resources on their grounds and allocating which guests have access to which amenities, such as conference rooms.
  3. The LoopMeeting system assists hotels in making the most of their meeting space by providing an overview of when rooms are available or reserved on actual panels outside the meeting spaces.

Just another happy partner!

We specialize in sales and catering software for hotels, restaurants, conference centers, private member clubs and special event venues.