AllSeated is a web-based platform that provides event planning and coordination tools for event professionals, venues, and clients. The platform allows users to create 3D floor plans, manage guest lists and seating arrangements, collaborate with vendors and clients, and visualize the event space in detail.

The virtual reality feature helps event professionals and clients visualize the space and make informed decisions about the event’s layout, decorations, and flow. The user-friendly interface of AllSeated enables you to maintain a readily accessible library of event layouts. In addition, it is easy to make changes and rapidly communicate with clients and vendors on AllSeated.

Why We Love Them:

  1. The virtual reality capabilities of AllSeated allow hotels and venues to provide clients with a more immersive and engaging experience.
  2. Enables hotels and venues to interact with clients, vendors, and event planners in real time, ensuring that everyone is aware of the plans at all times.
  3. Ensures streamlined event planning by offering a centralized platform for managing all aspects of event planning, from guest lists and seating arrangements to vendor coordination and floor plans.

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