IDEM Hospitality – Save Time On Admin, Increase Loyalty And Boost Revenue

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Introducing IDEM Hospitality

Welcome to our first ever Tech Showcase blog post. In these articles, we will be showcasing hotel tech tools that we hope you may find interesting and useful. Today, we are featuring IDEM Hospitality.

The easiest way for me to think of IDEM Hospitality is as a modern competitor to Passkey. IDEM helps hoteliers maximize their revenue for group business. Although we can’t disclose the price, we did get a chance to speak directly with the CEO and we were blown away with the cost structure for such a powerful tool.


How It Works:

Let’s say you have a corporate group coming to stay at your property. There are 20 people coming for 3 nights for a total of 60 room nights total. First, without a solution like IDEM Hospitality, you will be spending a lot of time entering those individual guest names into your Reservation System. Secondly, by getting their information further in advance, you can check to see if they are already a member of your loyalty program. You can also get more customer information than you would otherwise gather. Finally, you can boost revenue with additional upsells like late check-out, add-on meals, upgrades or additional room nights. This is especially compelling with the growth of the bleisure segment.


idem hospitality

Significant ROI:

Not only does IDEM save time by dramatically reducing data entry, they also provide a significantly better customer experience. Your guests get a branded guest portal for their meeting or event and they can manage their own preferences via a secure login profile. But none of that matters for the average hotelier, without discussing ROI – and IDEM is great at that. For a much lower fee per year than their competitors, IDEM’s e-commerce functionality provides an additional passive income stream for guests that are already coming to your property.  It also gives you an opportunity to build additional loyalty with that guest whom you might have otherwise not focussed on as much. If you have a 100 room hotel, at $200 per night, with 365 nights per year, you have $7,300,000 in sales opportunities. But what could happen to your bottom line if a significant portion of those rooms that were already booked started self-upgrading, automatically?


The Bottom Line:

IDEM allows the automation of manual tasks that saves your staff time, but it also significantly boosts revenue. You’ll offer your customer a far better experience while providing you with additional revenue opportunities for nights that are already booked. That’s the dream!


Find IDEM Online:

Web: https://www.idemhospitality.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/idemhospitality

Linkedin: https://ca.linkedin.com/company/idemhospitality

Blog: https://medium.com/idem

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