Event Temple Pillars Part 4: Industry Leading Support

March 22, 2021
Event Temple Pillars Part 4: Industry Leading Support

In this 4-part series we will dive into Event Temple’s four pillars – ease of use, best in class integrations, powerful data, and industry leading support – and why focusing on these 4 critical components has differentiated us from other software on the market.

Event Temple Industry Leading Support

Pillar 4 – Industry Leading Support

When we stay at a hotel, book an event, or eat at a restaurant, we expect a certain level of service. Hospitality staff are constantly going above and beyond to ensure guests have an unforgettable experience (and keep us off Yelp). Unfortunately, industry vendors have not always reciprocated this level of service to hotels and venues.

Onboarding waits, lack of live support, and prolonged technology outages, have unfortunately become an expected part of the biz.

At Event Temple, we believe that hoteliers deserve better. They deserve the same level of service that they give to their guests. Every. Single. Day.

In the final part of The Event Temple Pillars series, we share what industry leading support means to us and how our customer-focussed approach positively impacts our clients and their ability to adopt and leverage our software.

Let’s get started - what does industry leading support mean to the Event Temple team?

David Perry, our head of Customer Support explains it best: "Industry leading support means a proactive growth mindset that helps you reach your business goals. We want to be able to offer proactive support in a knowledge base that responds to your inquiries with one search. When you reach out to the support team with a specific question, we want to not only answer your question, but anticipate any future questions you might have in the moment.

Our team consists of people that understand we are only going to be successful if our customers are successful. We focus on understanding, not only, the requests that come in for changes to the platform, but the underlying user needs that come along with these requests. If you ask us for a button in the application, our first question is going to be "Why?".

Understanding the “why” is how we can build knowledge resources that help you. It’s how we can anticipate your questions and build features that meet all of your underlying needs now and in the future.

Getting to the “why of your business” is how we will be the partner you need."

That’s right - our goal at Event Temple isn’t solely to sell software. That’s only the beginning. We want you and your team to use it and see ROI because of it. In order to ensure high user adoption and overall product satisfaction, we onboard and educate our users on how to leverage Event Temple for their business with a multi-pronged approach.

1 - Kick-off Call and Goal Setting

After you pay your invoice, you will receive access to your Event Temple account and will have a kick-off call scheduled with both our sales team and our customer success team. Here, we will chat about your goals and the implementation and onboarding process.

2 - Access to Event Temple University & Knowledge Base

You will immediately have access to Event Temple University’s content and our dynamic knowledge base. You can login to your account at any time to access new training and ensure you’re getting the maximum value out of our software.

These tools will always be accessible to you and your team. When new team members join your property, you will be able to share our resources so they can learn to use Event Temple at their own pace.

3 - Continuing Education

No, we’re not talking about college night classes. Rather, a variety of ongoing support tools including follow-up training calls, training webinars, and product updates.

4 - Feedback, feedback, feedback

We make development decisions based on user feedback and user maps. Our feedback portal gives the Event Temple community an opportunity to be heard. Users can share new ideas and upvote and comment on any suggested enhancements. Our feedback portal is an interactive community that keeps us connected with you and your business’ needs.

Our customer-focussed approach is one of the main reasons that we were voted #1 Hotel Sales CRM and #1 Event Management software in this year’s Hotel Tech Report Awards. When we read reviews like this:

From the first time you login, Event Temple is extremely user friendly and intuitive. The system is also very customizable, allowing the admin to create their own processes and templates. The ET onboarding team has been so helpful and prompt. No more waiting on long calls to fix an issue or to have someone override something. I love that I can see when clients read my responses to their leads! We know we’ve done our job!

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