The Event Temple Pillars Part 2: Best In Class Integrations

December 31, 2020
The Event Temple Pillars Part 2: Best In Class Integrations

In this 4-part series we will dive into Event Temple's four pillars - ease of use, best in class integrations, powerful data, and industry leading support - and why focusing on these 4 critical components has differentiated us from other software on the market.

Event Temple Best In Class Integrations

In part 2 of The Event Temple Pillars series, we will look at integrations and how Event Temple has embraced the integrated technology philosophy ensuring that hotels and venues worldwide can build a tech stack that suits their individual needs.

Pillar 2 - Best In Class Integrations

Before jumping into best in class integrations, I think it’s important to start by comparing the old way to the new way of building a hotel’s tech stack.

The old way of building a tech stack typically starts with a hotel purchasing a legacy system that has one core product - usually a PMS. These legacy vendors also have peripheral add ons like sales and catering or business intelligence functionality that clients can add to their software to suit their needs.

This all-in-one approach seems like a dream come true - one vendor, one support number, one bill - but in reality there are issues that arise when using a one-size-fits-all legacy system. First of all, the additional modules tend to be less robust than a third party that specializes in a specific sector. Secondly, they’re typically more expensive than the third party option. Finally, these add-ons weigh down the legacy system - the more you have, the slower your system will run. Legacy systems also provide barriers to connecting to third party vendors like a closed API, pricing, maintenance fees, and long implementation times, forcing hotel owners to purchase an entire system that might not suit their needs.

The new way of building a tech stack follows the integrated marketplace model.

What is that?

Let’s look at the smartphone example that Apaleo CTO, Alan O’Riordan uses on the Net Affinity podcast. Think of modern, cloud-based PMS’s like smartphones. All smartphones come with standardized features like calling, text messaging, and camera. However, as a cell phone owner, you have the ability to further personalize your experience by connecting to apps via the app store - or in the hotel example - to third party hospitality modules. You’re able to customize your cell phone experience to your personal needs and the same is true with an integrated tech stack.

What does best-in-class integrations look like at Event Temple?


At Event Temple, we believe in quality over quantity. Bob Graham, CEO, explained it best, “We don’t go and build thousands of integrations. We build a few core PMS integrations and go narrow and deep spending 6-12 months on each one. Our goal with each integration we build is to provide our users with 2-way live data connectivity that will compete with a single all-in-one system as a seamless integration.”


We believe that partnerships make this business human. Our goal is to develop strong, long lasting relationships with individuals and organizations who align with our core values. We want to learn, grow and celebrate winning together. It's what makes this side of the business so much fun.

Our partnerships do not start and end with the integration. We work closely with our integrated partners to ensure we’re providing relevant content and integrations for our shared community. We collaborate on blog posts, webinars, and white papers.


At Event Temple, we continuously maintain these integrations to ensure they stay top of class. Our development team monitors them and improves them based on our customer and partner feedback. Our integrations are never complete and are always a work in progress allowing us to better serve the hospitality industry.

Event Temple is committed to building the best integrations on the marketplace. We are committed to building quality integrations, maintaining strong partner relationships, and continuously developing those connections. Our clients are constantly delivering the highest level of hospitality to their guests and we believe that they deserve that level of service in return. We strive to always provide them the best in class whether it be in the form of our product, our data, our integrations, or our customer service.

Next, we will look at Event Temple’s third pillar - Powerful Data.

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