Venuesuite is a software company that specializes in providing cloud-based solutions for managing and booking venues and events. The company’s solutions are designed to simplify the processes involved in a venue and event management, including booking, scheduling, invoicing, and reporting.

With the help of Venuesuite, anyone can easily find information about the venues in their preferred location in just a few minutes and it showcases the best available prices directly from the venues.


Why We Love Them:

  1. Provides a platform for hotels to register their venue for events to get visibility from a wider audience.
  2. Enables the event management team to directly contact the client rather than going via an intermediary.
  3. With built-in reporting and analytics tools, hotels can gain insights into their event management performance, enabling them to make data-driven decisions.

Just another happy partner!

We specialize in sales and catering software for hotels, restaurants, conference centers, private member clubs and special event venues.