PleaseAskM is the smart AI assistant for the hospitality industry that helps modern hoteliers to save time and generate more revenue by focusing on two key areas: guest experience and customization.

PleaseAskM helps to process, centralize and automate business requests. It concentrates on the requests that account for 60% of meeting revenue. The smart AI “M” extracts the most crucial information from your emails, processes it in the reservation system, and then automatically produces a quote so staff members can oversee the process and perform a final check. With “M,” you can cut the processing time for requests from 30 minutes to 3 minutes, leaving time for particular custom requests.

Why We Love Them:

  1. PleaseAskM makes it simple to review all the requests, giving staff members a clear picture of the process.
  2. Reduces the request processing time from 30 to 3 minutes allowing the employees to focus on large customization requests
  3. PleaseAskM has the ability to look up previous bookings and use them to create new offers.

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