10 of the World’s Most Innovative Hotels 

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Sick of ‘copy + paste’ hotel concepts? We’ve cultivated a list of “not-your-grand-dad’s-hotels” that are on the cutting edge of technology, sustainability, and design. If you’re wanting to change it up in terms of how you travel, continue reading to find our top 10 most innovative hotels in the world right now.



innovative hotels

We know what you’re thinking: did aliens dock on earth and set up shop? It may look like it but no, this is Svart, first energy-positive hotel, located close to the Svartisen glacier, north of the Arctic Circle. This title has been approved by Powerhouse, the initiative responsible for buildings that generate more energy than they consume throughout their lifespan. This design masterpiece is set to open in 2021 and will have 100 rooms, an onsite education and design lab, and a sustainable farm producing ingredients for the hotel’s four restaurants. This innovative hotel will have a roof made with solar panels (produced with clean hydro energy) and its rooms and amenities will be strategically placed so as to exploit the sun’s energy. So cool.

The Treehotel 

Harrads, Sweden

innovative hotels

This isn’t your average treehouse. Located in Harrads, a village north of Sweden, these modern treehouses are sure to fulfill your childhood fantasies of living among the trees. Aside from the cool factor, these suites are also eco-friendly, with hydroelectric underfloor heating, and instead of a sewage system, each has an electric-powered combustion toilet that incinerates waste at 1,112 F. Bonus points? If you stay from September to March you have the chance to watch the Northern Lights illuminate the sky above you. 


New York, USA

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Yotel takes the pod hotel concept and seamlessly mixes business and pleasure. Considered to be at the forefront of hotel technology, Yotel treats their front desk as a “mission control”, and features include self check-in terminals, a friendly robot, aptly named ‘Yobot’, to take care of your luggage, space-saving motorized beds and motion-sensored air conditioning. Yotel’s take on space design, efficiency, and modern travel is worth a visit to see for yourself.

Green Village Bamboo House

Bali, Indonesia

Green village bamboo house is not a collection of individual houses, but a living community of globally connected individuals who care about nature. All the houses and villas are made of bamboo purposefully built towards a sustainable future. These aren’t just innovative hotels, they are a part of a community of like-minded individuals who are seeking a more sustainable and authentic way of living, a comfortable alternative to the stresses of modern society.


Hossegor and Paris

innovative hotels

As a part of the AccorHotel group, JO&JOE introduce a fresh take on the ‘Open House’ living space. With new world, off-beat design coupled with their digital ecosystem, this growing hotel chain is disrupting the private rental space (think AirBnb) with social experience of hostels but with the security and comfort of hotels. These innovative hotels include a new geo-social app, where anything you’d need to pay for is contactless. JO&JOE offer affordable pricing and includes social spaces, laundry facilities, and shared kitchens. 


Amsterdam & Rotterdam, Netherlands


CityHub takes the hostel X hotel concept and upgrades it with the forefront in hospitality technology. Think: a capsule hotel, a hostel budget, and tech heaven. Guests gain access to their futuristic capsule-like rooms with an electronic wristband. Everything from the wifi, audio-streaming services and mood lighting are controlled from an app. They were even rewarded the Best Innovation in Hotel Concept at the Worldwide Hospitality Awards in 2016!


San Francisco, US

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We can’t talk about innovative hotels without talking about HotelZetta, appropriately situated in San Francisco, home to Silicon Valley, the global center for high technology and innovation. Hotel Zetta is a millennial’s playground. Equipped with games console-filled playroom, antique telephone booth that also doubles as a social media work space where you can Tweet, Snapchat or blog, and a museum dedicated to retro technology like retro games cartridges, computer chips and old mobile phones. The biggest crowd please? Their VR room in the lobby. 

Kameha Grand

Zurich, Switzerland

innovative hotels

Take your average hotel and then drench it in futuristic out-of-this-world design and technology rich features: you get the Kameha Grand. A part of the Autograph collection of hotels, the receptionless hotel receives guests with smiling agents posted at mobile stations and bluetooth enabled rooms, and a space suite, designed by a member of the Virgin Galactic Pioneer Astronaut team. Say what? This space suite has a floating bed, a live link to NASA’s mission control, a space glove that you can also use as a valet tray, and all the latest outer space media you can sink your teeth into. Go to Zurich, it’s one step closer to outer space.

Hotel Jakarta


innovative hotels

Hotel Jakarta takes the title as the most sustainable hotel in the Netherlands! This is one of the first energy-neutral properties and was built with material with a long life cycle. Not only is the design top notch, all of the elements used will be dismantled and reused at some point. Green initiatives include their own mini subtropical forest in the central atrium of the hotel that acts like a temperature regulator. The roof has PV panels on the exterior to collect solar energy that is converted into electricity that heats the water and bathroom showers.The hotel staff even wear sustainably made uniforms! 

Nordic Choice Hotels

Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, The Baltics

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Nordic Choice takes innovative hotels to the next level. They’ve been named in Norway’s top 10 most innovative companies in 2017 and have been serving only organic food in all their hotels since 2008. They take their sustainability food measures very seriously: even conducting research to find that smaller plates lead to less food waste. They then decreased their plates a few centimeters and were able to reduce food waste by 20%. They’ve even consulted with NASA to discuss space tourism and to explore ideas on how hospitality can become a big player in outer space. Talk about getting ahead!


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