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Portland, USA
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Taborspace is a non-profit community center that provides low-cost DIY (Do It Yourself) space rentals.
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Customer Care and Support Made the Difference

The Problem
TaborSpace chose Event Temple after working with a well-known competing product for about 1 year. Their previous system was not able to handle recurring events at scale well and the financials were messy.
  • Handle a High-Number of Events
  • Ability To Manage Recurring Events
  • Dynamic Invoicing Capabilities
  • Improved Event Reporting
To Generate Digital Proposals, Contracts & Invoices
Faster Response To Inquiries Than Your Competitors
Saved Per Week On Sales & Operations Admin Tasks
Customer Quote

“Customer service was one of our priorities and after experiencing Event Temple we can see we made the right choice. Event Temple has met our hopes and exceeded our expectations. I was concerned when I started being contacted by new employees, but you’ve hired well and cultivated a culture of care for your office that they’ve perpetuated.”

Josh Pinkston
Program Director – TaborSpace
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