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Arizona, California, Colorado
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Sunridge Hotels, founded over 40 years ago in sunny Arizona has a rich history of developing more than 50 hotel projects, Sunridge currently manages 12 properties across Arizona and neighboring states. As an organization that embraces innovation, Sunridge Hotels has fully integrated Event Temple’s sales and catering software into their operations, transforming its approach to event management and group sales.
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Sunridge Hotel Group

Sunridge Hotels use Event Temple to keep all things centralized and efficient

The Problem
Sunridge Hotels faced challenges in managing multiple hotel properties efficiently, particularly in handling group sales and event management across different locations. The need for a unified platform that could streamline their operations and enhance coordination was critical.
Sunridge Hotel Group

Centralized Event Management: A single platform to manage all contacts, events, and communications for their 12 properties.

Efficiency in Group Sales: Tools to efficiently manage group sales, including the creation of contracts and Banquet Event Orders (BEOs).

User-friendly Interface: An intuitive software solution that is easy to learn and use, even for staff new to event planning.

Reduction in time spent on managing group sales
Faster creation of contracts and Banquet Event Orders (BEOs).
12 Properties
A single platform to manage all contacts, events, and communications
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"For me, Event Temple is more than just software—it's my right hand. It helps me stay organized, sends me reminders, and keeps all contacts and events in one place. It's such a handy tool to have, and I can't imagine my workday without it."

Jamie Burrus
General Manager, Courtyard by Marriott – Colorado
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