6 Hospitality LinkedIn Accounts You Should be Following

July 7, 2020
6 Hospitality LinkedIn Accounts You Should be Following

When it comes to social media, LinkedIn has really channeled the space of professional networking and informative media. The site’s massive variety of interest groups make the exchange of ideas and information a total game changer for many industries. It’s a great place to follow resources and communicate with industry professionals and leaders. Figuring out who to follow can be a little overwhelming though. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered: we’ve cultivated a list of the best hospitality LinkedIn accounts we love for latest trends, industry news, and developments in hospitality.

Boutique Hotel News

Members: 7,000+

The boutique hotel sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in hospitality. This hospitality LinkedIn account will allow you to connect and trade ideas with over 7000 people from around the globe and get insights on this rapidly growing niche. You can expect the latest developments in boutique hotels, insights on sales and marketing, news on the latest buys and sells and even topics like boutique hotel design.

Global Hotel Sales & Marketing Professionals

Members: 20,000+

If you’re currently working in hospitality in the sales or marketing departments, this hospitality LinkedIn account is a great resource for you to be able to exchange ideas and strategies with other industry professionals on different insights on how to attract guests to your hotel. What’s unique, is that the 20,000 global members of the group all have different experiences and perspectives to share from around the world. If you’re looking for advice on international expansion, or just for new ways to mix it up locally, this is a great place to start. Other topics discussed include, but aren’t limited to automations, how to blog better, and the impact of high attrition rates within the hospitality industry.

HOSPITALITY SUPERSTARS (Employers, Recruiters & Hospitality Superstars)

Members: 138,000+

While this hospitality LinkedIn account is larger and more general by nature, we love the variety of conversations and discussions that take place in the comment sections. This group will give you more general information about the latest news and trends from the different sectors of travel and tourism, as opposed to one specific sector. Everything from hospitality business, hotels, airlines, retail and restaurants. From anyone looking to get into hospitality or if you’re a seasoned veteran, there will be something here for everyone.

Hospitality Trends

Members: 80,000+

Hospitality Trends is a hospitality LinkedIn account that is a great place for super relevant, on demand content pertaining to everything hotel related. You can expect links to informative articles and thought provoking pieces, research studies from members from around the world like chefs, GMs, and sales and marketing professionals. If you’re into deep reading and data, this is a great resource for you.


Members: 33,000+

If you’re someone that’s more keen on the business side of hospitality, specifically investing and finance, than this group caters to over 33,000 members who share the latest news in that sector. You can expect the latest in studies, articles about technology and its importance in hospitality, as well as news on mergers and acquisitions from around the world. Members of this hospitality LinkedIn account include hotel chain owners, brokers, consultants, design firms, and even construction companies. Some of their latest? The value of glamping, mobile engagement strategies and small hotels up for sale. We love the variety here and we think that you will too.

Hotel Technologies & Software

Members: 29,000+

It’s one of the biggest revolutions to happen to the hospitality industry: technology. Hotel Technologies & Software cater to both hotel tech employees and anyone looking for hotel management software or tech insights. Topics often covered are data security, wi-fi and BYOD (bring-your-own-device). You can also expect the latest updates on tech trends, new companies emerging and the happenings of software development within hospitality. A note: every profile is checked upon request to joining, ensuring that only qualified professionals will be able to post in the discussion. This makes sure that content is top quality.

We believe that there’s something on this list for everyone dependent on your level of interest in the different sectors, if you’re someone that’s just getting into the hotel world or if you’re a veteran, or even if you’re someone that loves to silently scroll, or love a public debate.

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