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linkedin groups for hotels

At Event Temple, we believe that one of the best ways to learn Hotel Sales is to ask questions from those who have already done it successfully. For that reason, we are a big fan of Linkedin Hotel Sales Groups . At the time of this writing, Linkedin has over 303 million monthly users and it’s a rare occasion that we’ll meet a hotel sales professional who is not active on the network.

Here are the top 3 benefits of Linkedin groups:

1. Gain Mentorship

If you’re like me, you probably sometimes wonder why someone would want to help you out for no reason at all. In truth, people like to feel important, intelligent, admired and proud, it’s just human nature to want to feel good about yourself. For that reason, if you are open to it and put yourself out there, you might just find a sales mentor on Linkedin. I don’t mean that this person will be available 24/7 for hours on end by any means, but having somewhere or someone to turn to when you need an answer to a very specific question or to help you through a difficult time is a powerful tool in your sales kit. By actively engaging with members on Linkedin hotel sales groups , you are much more likely to slowly but surely build this community.

2. Build Deep Industry Connections

Just like mentors, friends can be beneficial. It’s funny how it doesn’t feel like you can make friends online, especially on a social network, but have you ever had the experience of meeting someone you have only spoken to online or via email in person? Picture yourself at an industry trade show. You don’t know anyone and you are nervously sipping your coffee and wondering if you have any friends in the entire conference center. Suddenly, an old friend, from Linkedin appears and says “aren’t you so and so?”. Suddenly, you spend the day talking and walking together. Don’t under estimate the power of lasting connections that can be built entirely online as a starting point. These industry connections can lead to mentorship, future job offers or even just someone to spend some time with at the odd industry event.

3. Share Your Expertise

Just like other people feel important when they share their industry experience, you deserve to feel that too. You may feel like everything you do is common sense or simple at times, but in my experience, common sense is not common and sales tips are very welcome. Even though I’ve been in sales myself for over a decade, I still learn something new almost every time I talk to someone else in the profession. Sometimes, they also remind me of something I already knew but had forgotten. You are a more valuable resource to your colleagues than you probably think and we bet that many people would benefit from you sharing your experiences. In fact, we’ll prove it right now. If you’d like to be interviewed on our blog, contact us in the chat box and we’d be happy to interview you if you feel like you have a meaningful story or tip to share with our community.


As Promised, Here Are The Top 10 Groups

Know that you know why to join these sorts of groups, here are the top 10 Linkedin Groups we have spent some time on and have gotten value out of.

1. Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Group | Wellness Travel, Luxury Wellness & Other Niche Travel Trends

2. Hotel Technology And Software

3. American Hotel And Lodging Association

4. Luxury Hotel Sales & Marketing Managers Club

5. The Hotel Group

6. Hotel Sales & Marketing

7. Hotel Tech Insider

8. Hotel Sales & Marketing For Luxury Hoteliers

9. Global Hotel Sales & Marketing Professionals

10. Sales, Marketing And Revenue Management


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