5 Reasons You Need Event Management Technology

Mar 11th, 2022 in

Event Management Technology

Unfamiliar with what sales and event management technology is? 

Essentially, it’s an all-in-one software system that helps hotels and venues plan, manage, and deliver events, bookings, and sales CRM. This technology may not be something hotel managers consider when optimizing their business potential but it can make a big difference in day-to-day hotel operations. 

When it comes to the modern consumer, this technology is crucial for the success of your hotel. 

The evolution of service apps like Uber and Skip-the-Dishes has a ripple effect on customer expectations. People everywhere are becoming more and more accustomed to a convenient, personalized, and efficient experience and hotels need to keep up.

As part of staying in touch with (or better yet, being on the cutting edge of) exceptional customer experiences, it’s key to have the right tools. Taking advantage of modern sales and event technology will mean you can spend less time on administration and more time serving guests. 

Still not convinced or sure what you can expect from the latest technology? Here are five reasons why your hotel needs sales and event management technology:

1 – Organize your data

All-in-one platform

BEOs, contracts, invoices, proposals, CRM information, sales pipelines… It’s a lot to keep track of. Having an all-in-one platform to store all your information can help streamline tasks and lower the number of different channels you and your team need to access.  

It can also mitigate the need to dig through data among different platforms. One platform that works across multiple departments means everyone is looking at the same information. The results are consistent data and less room for errors.

Prospect Hotel CTA

2 – Streamline your sales cycle with Sales Pipeline

Access contacts

A system with a sales pipeline and CRM integration will allow you to look at where prospects are in your sales cycle and seamlessly view their account information without having to switch between systems. This means you can spend more time building your sales pipeline rather than trying to keep track of what information.

Grow your leads

Sales and event management technology can make building relationships with prospects an easy process.

If you have modern CRM & sales pipeline software, you can expect it to help keep your team organized. It can show you where prospects are along the sales pipeline, set reminders, and provide data analytics to provide insight into your sales strategies. 

3 – Work cross-functionally

Managing events

Being organized is incremental for pulling off a great event. There are big and small details and everyone should be on the same page about what they are – literally. 

Having a system that allows you to see your venue bookings and tasks makes these projects more efficient and smooth. 

Scaling your business

An all-in-one platform can also make scaling your business easier. 

As teams grow, they need technology to grow with them. Event Temple’s software has multiple sales pipeline capabilities that can be set up if your hotel portfolio and/or team expands.

4 – Review analytics

Analytics for decision making

For success in any business, you’ll need to track metrics. 

Tracking metrics allows your team to get insights into what strategies are and aren’t working. A good software system will have a data and analytics feature that provides helpful reports so you can make data-based decisions

Analytics for business objective

Hotel sales and event software can allow you to set budgets, create forecasts, and see where you are relative to those objectives. When your goals are easily accessible, you and your team can stay focused and work efficiently towards them. 

5 – Automate data entry


Having pre-set templates for users means they can save time making individual reports by hand. It’s a real time-saver. 

Need those signed? Yes, there’s the technology for that too. eSignatures allow your customers to sign deals with ease which means you can close business that much faster.

Invoicing made easier

There is now technology that allows your customers to pay you easier. You can generate professional-looking invoices and send those digitally to your customer to take the hassle out of the payment process.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a boutique hotel or a large, multi-chain enterprise, having the right technology can set your team up for success in the ever-changing world of hospitality. 

A modern software system should integrate the key features we’ve outlined into your PMS system to create a more efficient workplace. If you’re unsure about what software is right for you, check out Hotel Tech Report for reviews and information on what’s out there. 

The crux of sales and event management technology is to make hotel operations smoother so you can see results and reach your goals. 

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