Tis the Season: Increase Holiday Occupancy for 2021

Nov 29th, 2021 in ,

holiday occupancy

You may be thinking: isn’t it a little early to think about the holiday season? But we believe in being proactive! It’s never too early to plan for holiday occupancy for a peak season like Christmas time.With a competitive season coming up, the earlier the better.

Many people are beginning to travel and use up those outstanding vacation balances starting with this holiday season. Data shows that December bookings have increased by 15% compared to 2019, before the pandemic. With all this deferred demand, we want to share some hotel marketing strategies that will help you capitalize on holiday occupancy 

Email Marketing

If you haven’t already, this is your sign to optimize your email marketing strategy. It’s one of the proven best ways to stay in contact with your potential guests. Start your holiday email campaigns now to warm up those potential leads. And don’t stop at Christmas – keep it going through new years and the post holiday “slump” season. This is where your hard work of consistently capturing guest data through the year will pay off. This is where you can promote special upcoming events/ promos/ and deals. Carefully analyze engagement and tweak your campaigns as you go.

Holiday incentives

No need to reinvent the wheel here! Everyone loves a good promo and most often, simple is best. Guests are anticipating their inboxes to be filled with holiday filled deals and will be scouting for the best place they can save some money. Reduced room rates or free upgrades by booking by a certain date will be sure to get their attention. Make sure to post about it on social media and have your partners & affiliates also advertise for more reach. A channel manager will really help you with this because it will help you  to ensure your holiday rates are distributed among 

Hotel Venue Management & CRM

your booking channels. If your goal is full occupancy for the holidays, then start promoting!

Prizes, giveaways, and more!

The holidays are a time of giving. This is the time to be promoting your best deals. Things like prizes and giveaways on social media are huge in boosting your presence and engagement during this time of year. Make it as simple as liking, following, and tagging their best friends on social media as an entry. Contests like these are an effective way to create user-generated content for your hotel’s marketing campaigns while increasing online traffic and engagement. 

The key here is to keep it light and easy and open to all. Perhaps it’s a contest where people send a picture of themselves in their best ‘ugly’ Christmas

 sweater for a chance to win 2 nights accommodation at your property. Many people will jump at the chance and share this opportunity with others.


F&B is synonymous with the holiday season. To maximize holiday occupancy rates, make sure to think about your F&B strategy. Your holiday offerings should be more than just about special room rates and decorations. 

If you have an on-site restaurant or bar, put together special holiday menus – with (covid-friendly) takeout options as well! Having a traditional Christmas dinner on the 24 and 25th for guests that are staying there will also be a great highlight and incentive as well. As for the bar, make themed Christmas cocktails that are worthy of being shared acrossInstagram and other social media – your guests will come for the drinks but stay for more!


It seems like Thanksgiving just ended but Christmas really is just around the corner. Taking this time to plan your holiday season will set you up for success to maximize your holiday occupancy rates and celebrate your dedication and hard work throughout the year.



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