Meet the Team: Dan Woods, VP of Sales

Dec 18th, 2020 in

Dan Woods, VP Sales

In this Event Temple series, we highlight members of our team who are the drivers to our success. Find out about the people behind the desk, what they do inside and outside of work, and their take on Event Temple’s journey, from their unique perspective. 

In today’s article, we speak with Dan Woods, our VP of sales leading the pack. He comes from a wealth of experience in SAAS and can probably beat you at trivial pursuit in the topic: “80’s comedies”. 

Q: Hi Dan! Can you tell us who “Dan Woods” is and a little bit yourself and what you do at Event Temple?

Hi I’m Dan Woods, acting VP, of Sales at Event Temple! 

I’m a start-up enthusiast who loves disruptive technology and building and scaling high-performance sales teams. With that said, I jumped at the opportunity to join ET even during a pandemic. My core responsibilities are to help drive sales, fuel growth, and create an amazing culture for our team and customers.  

My two kids and french bulldog Carl Jr. keep me on my toes for most of the time. When I’m not busy or negotiating with them ;),  I’m running or doing something active or creating something in the kitchen. To round it out, I enjoy craft beer, a good 80’s comedy, and cheering on my beloved Edmonton Oilers. 

Q: Describe your journey on how you got to where you are today.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work in SAAS for the last 14 years in various verticals including real estate, legal practice management software, and now the hotel and hospitality sector. The journey has been about constant learning, failing, and successes. Along the way I’ve been able to build a strong network of community and like minded people which has been fantastic!

Q: What are your favourite things about what you do?

Simple really – As a sales leader, I love developing talent and seeing people reach their full potential. There is nothing more satisfying than that to me. I pride myself on being authentic and practice servant leadership. On the customer side, there is nothing more gratifying than solving their tech problems, whatever they may be, getting to know them, and turning them into evangelists. 

Q: Describe some of the biggest challenges that hotel tech is facing today from a sales perspective.

I feel that hotel tech is ripe for disruption and that was a major reason for me to join Event Temple which is a very forward thinking and progressive company. Even before the pandemic hit, there seemed to be a shift in the space for modern, more accessible cost-effective solutions. If anything, Hotels and Venues are relying on sales and prospecting more than ever right now, and that’s where we can step in and help! 

Q: Can you give us some techniques and tips on how hotels can sell like a tech company?

Follow-ups, time to response, and creating a frictionless and effortless customer experience!

Q: Any final thoughts to add?

2020 was a year to remember, let’s face it. But, let’s also take this as an opportunity to push forward together, learn, and reinvent. In time, travel will resume, conferences and conventions will again happen, events will take place, and the industry will regain its strength. 

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