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Unsure about what a hotel sales coordinator’s job description is?

There are a lot of moving parts when running a hotel. Consequently, sometimes your staff must take on responsibilities across multiple different departments.  To avoid this, it’s helpful to review what the job description of a hotel sales coordinator looks like. 

Whether you’re a hotel manager or someone interested in learning about a hotel’s sales coordinator’s job description, this article is for you.

For starters, there’s a lot of action that happens behind the scenes of a hotel. To the average guest, the process of bringing in new customers may go undetected.  However, the reality is that there’s a lot of work that needs to be done to book rooms.  

This is where a hotel sales coordinator can make an impact. Here’s a more detailed look into the role:

Overview Of Responsibilities

A hotel sales coordinator’s main purpose is to support the marketing and sales department in optimizing revenue and bookings. 

Most hotels offer more than just rooms.  Other features like meeting and banquet rooms are available so the sales coordinator helps facilitate any of the hotel’s revenue-generating efforts. This is done by helping clients along the sales process and being available to answer questions and ensure meetings and events run smoothly.

Typical job tasks include:

  • Correspond with prospects and answer any questions about the hotel’s venue options, rates, room types, venue packages, or promotions 
  • Sending out proposals and collecting invoices
  • Supporting the hotel sales manager in researching competitors
  • Coordinate with the sales and marketing team to execute events or conferences
  • Enter, retrieve, or reconcile information from the company’s CRM
  • Gather and assemble sales collateral to send to prospects
  • Understand customers and build company loyalty
  • Sending prospects emails and cold calls

Prospect Hotel CTA

What Kind Of Personality Do You Need To Succeed?

Like in most careers, success is rooted in passion and determination. Being on the sales team is no exception.

Salespeople also need to have grit.  This is one of Event Temple’s values so we’re excited to talk about it when it comes to being a successful salesperson.  Even after repeated setbacks, rejections, or disappointing sales calls, salespeople need to have the toughness to continue moving forward.

A hotel sales coordinator also needs to be goal-oriented to succeed.  Individuals with innate drive and perseverance are the ones who succeed in reaching sales targets.

Salespeople are also open and empathetic to those they are selling to. Listening to people and understanding their problems helps salespeople build trust and rapport with the people they’re selling to. 

Whether it’s the thrill of making a sale or the empathy that it takes to understand a prospect’s needs, salespeople need to be passionate about sales. Those who bring in good energy and look forward to selling are the ones that succeed.

Education And Experience Requirements

We’ve found that the education and experience required for succeeding in a hotel sales coordinator role are varied. A Bachelor’s or associate’s degree in hospitality management is typically required. However, there are other ways to gain experience and qualify for the role. A bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, or finance and experience in the hospitality industry is also another route to qualifying for the role. 

Many people who enter the field have degrees other than the ones we just mentioned.  So, go ahead and carve your own path into the field and role you want. The position requires a unique combination of interpersonal sales skills and having an aptitude for numbers and analytics so the exact background may not matter as much as the actual skills a person has developed. 

What Is The Job Trajectory?       

One of the benefits of working as a hotel sales coordinator is that the experience you gain in the role applies to other departments within the hospitality or sales industry.

Other specialties that you can grow into could include working in marketing, public relations, or specializing in sales. You can work your way to becoming a sales manager for room sales, MICE, or Corporate sales, become a banquet sales manager and eventually work up to becoming a Sales Director. 

Final Thoughts

Hotel sales coordinators are hired to bring in business and generate revenue.  The role is a great way of breaking into the hospitality industry and gaining experience. 

Certainly, having the right personality for the job is needed to succeed. This isn’t the kind of job where you can just passively put the clock in and clock out which is why you need to be passionate and determined to reach sales targets.

What do you think? Let us know your thoughts or experiences on being a hotel sales coordinator in the comments below.

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