The Event Temple Culture Shines BRIGHT

August 19, 2021
The Event Temple Culture Shines BRIGHT

At Event Temple, our mission is to help people with great character thrive so they can make a positive difference in the world. That not only includes our customers and team members, but also our friends, family and community. Above all, Event Temple is a vessel for empowering ourselves and others; through learning to solve difficult challenges as a team and having fun while we do it.

In order to achieve this mission, we have to hire the right people who align with our vision and goals. Our team consists of individuals who are able to see the big picture, work with integrity, and have fun along the way and our core values reflect that.


Bias for Action

Our tendency as an organization is to be in action and implement change. We are not afraid to make decisions or changes to our current workflow and processes. We not only think of creative ideas but put them in motion and push them to completion. For example this year, Trevor MacLean demonstrated Bias for Action and implemented the BRIGHT Awards - an evening to celebrate our team and our company culture. From conception to execution, he was able to elevate and unite our team.

Respectful Disagreement

We believe in respectful communication across every department at every level however respectful communication does not equate to always being agreeable. We think it’s important to voice concerns and ideas and to have them heard and considered.

Sometimes the end decision will be different than what we had in mind, so we also must be willing to disagree and commit. That means putting our concerns aside after they have been voiced and moving forward decisively in union. It's an integral part of the Event Temple culture.


Integrity is committing to your word. If we’re unable to complete a project, meet a deadline, or attend an event on time, we need to communicate our roadblocks and ask for help. When we miss an opportunity to act with integrity, we acknowledge it and reset our intention.

Prospect Hotel CTA

Working at a SaaS company during a time of hyper-growth takes a certain type of personality. We are ladder builders - not ladder climbers. We have to forage our own path. Grit is digging in your heels and getting it done. When you show grit and produce results, you naturally grow within the company - building that figurative ‘ladder’.

2020 was the year of grit. Our industry had to shut down and instead of running scared, we faced the challenges. We all buckled down - some switched roles and others took on more responsibilities. We all showed agility and flexibility in uncertain times. When we talk about our company’s pandemic story, we know we were successful and experienced growth because of the other teammates in our foxhole.

Happiness, Here & Now

We believe that you should truly enjoy your work and you should not have to choose between happiness and career. They can exist together. Our work policies are scheduled to support happy employees. From flexible work schedules to foosball battles, Event Temple invests in their employees because they know we perform at our best when we are truly happy.

Truth, Find It

Above all, we seek out the truth. We take time to challenge ourselves and our own beliefs. We constantly ask “Why?”. We use this when running experiments, building new processes, or evaluating an existing procedure. When we find the truth, we share our learnings with each other so we can grow and learn as a team.

We use the BRIGHT core values every single day. They’re a part of the Event Temple culutre toolbox and a reason why we continue to see growth and success. We use them to hold each other accountable because we believe in what we’re doing. We are a values-driven organization and, by living true to these values, we know that we’re building a BRIGHT future for hospitality.

Want to join our team? Check out our careers page and see if there's a position for you!

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