5 Ways To Increase Business Travel at Your Hotel in 2022

December 21, 2021
5 Ways To Increase Business Travel at Your Hotel in 2022

There’s a new era of business hotel travelers starting to emerge as the pandemic has reshaped people’s expectations and lifestyles. While the hotel industry has been recovering mostly with leisure travelers, 50% of participants in an Amadeus study said they planned to travel for business in the upcoming year.

This is great news for hotels but it also requires some preparation for increasing business and properly accommodating this new wave of travelers. The pandemic’s influence on remote-work culture means customer lifestyles and needs have changed in a way that is more attuned to the digital world. By adjusting to these new trends, hotels can better reach their goals and increase the amount of business travel to their hotel in a world with an abundance of accommodation options.

Looking for some inspiration on how to make your hotel more appealing for business travelers? Listening and adapting to customer needs is a sure way to attract business and establish trust for long-term growth. While the uncertainty of the pandemic creates challenges for hoteliers, we’ve compiled 5 ways to increase business travel at your hotel so you’re ready to tackle the new year.

5 Ways To Increase Business Travel at Your Hotel in 2022

1 - Optimize your booking system

The easier it is for your customers to book with you, the more business your hotel can reel in.

It seems obvious but this has become more important in recent years with companies like Airbnb perfecting the online customer journey and increasing the demand for seamless booking processes. An easy booking system for your hotel rooms and venues is beneficial for customers and staff who have to deal with the problems so make sure your system isn’t stuck in the past.

Prospect Hotel CTA
2 - Create a personalized customer experience

You’re probably aware that there is software available for hotels but are you aware of what you can expect from it?

Features that give you the ability to send personal emails, keep tabs on special requests for guest bookings, set reminders for your team on when to follow up with prospects… the list goes on. The point is that if you have these tools at you’re disposal, you’ll be able to optimize your SOPs and create a memorable guest experience.

3 - Accommodate for remote-work

Hotels can take advantage of the new remote-work culture by offering co-working and collaboration spaces to attract a younger customer base and connect with the community.

Having a set-up that works for hybrid events is another way to prepare your hotel for remote workers. North Star Meeting group conducted a survey in April 2021 that revealed 54% of meeting planners are planning hybrid events so having the technology for this trend will help attract and retain more business travelers.

4 - Easy Invoicing

It’s pretty simple but it should be said: the easier it is for customers to pay, the faster you get paid. Modern tools can allow you to create professional-looking invoices, create a hassle-free payment experience for your customers, and avoid security risks. Use them!

5 - Create a proactive sales strategy

An array of accommodation options means customers can now be choosier about where they stay. Hotels can no longer have a passive approach to sales whereby the team waits for the customers to come to them. A proactive approach is needed for success.

Using technology like CRM and sales pipeline can help foster guest and prospect relationships and optimize your hotel’s sales. More specifically, give you tools to organize tasks, track leads, and manage your contact all in one place. Running a hotel requires managing a lot of competing tasks so if you have a software system that backs you up, you’re better able to serve your customers and operate in a more organized manner.

Another benefit of a CRM and sales pipeline is that it allows you to track your analytics and allow you and your team to make data-backed decisions. This can be particularly useful if you’re trying to target business hotel travelers and want to get more understanding into how those prospects move through your sales cycle.


Data is pointing to more business travel in the upcoming year which brings with it many opportunities for your hotel to take advantage of. Preparation for the new expectations of business travelers will be the distinguishing factor between those hotels that flourish and those that miss the chance to capture this customer base.

Part of leveraging the right technology is finding the right fit for your hotel. Not sure where to look? Check out Hotel Tech Report for information on different products and information on what technology is suited for your business goals.

Leave a comment below if you can think of more ways your hotel can maximize their hotel business travel.

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