Hotel Sales Pro - A Comparison

Event Temple Vs Hotel Sales Pro

Let's face it, there hasn't been a breakthrough in Hotel Sales and Catering software since Hotel Sales Pro was acquired many years ago. In fact, many hotels are still using the same software that they were decades ago to manage their catering, events and group sales. That's where Event Temple's modern hospitality sales and catering software can help.

The world has changed.
You aren't using the same cell phone that you were using 10 years ago, right? Technology has improved a lot since then. Request a demo below and we'll show you what we've been working on at Event Temple and how our software can help increase your hotel's revenue and efficiency, the modern way!

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How We Measure Up

As a modern alternative to Hotel Sales Pro, Event Temple provides all of the features you'd expect in an enterprise hotel sales and catering software, along with an easy-to-use interface and robust features for the 21st century. Event Temple is cloud-based and it's so easy to learn that your team will already start to feel comfortable after their first hour on the system!

Within Event Temple, you'll find all of the features you'd expect in a hotel sales and catering software such as Hotel Sales Pro but we've added a modern touch and a suite of new features that will enable your team to become more productive while improving your competitive position in the marketplace. From our drag-and-drop sales pipeline, text-messaging, or our calendar sync for your mobile device, Event Temple provides a level of usability and functionality never before seen in the hospitality industry.

Event Temple is also the world's first venue management software built as a platform, meaning that you can connect Event Temple to other cloud-based software programs on the internet seamlessly. This essentially "future-proofs" your investment with Event Temple because it allows you to connect our product with other software applications that will be developed in the future. The world is rapidly changing. Is your software program ready to embrace new technologies as they are developed?

Event Temple's Features:

Save Time, Increase Sales! Modern Hotel Software.

Hotel CRM
Account Management
Sales Automation
Prospecting & Retention Tools
Electronic Contracts and E-Signatures
Robust Digital Invoicing
Sales And Marketing Reports
Marketing Tracking
Key Account Tracking
Multi-Property System

Catering CRM
Banquet Event Orders
Catering Documents
Function Book
Audio Visual Management
Event Management System
Multi-Space Calendar
Calendar Sync With Your Mobile Device
Email Integration With Outlook & Gmail
Send And Receive Text Messages

Event Temple & Hotel Sales Pro Comparison

Are You Ready To Modernize Your Hotel?

Event Temple is the world's first hotel sales and catering software designed as a platform.
For the first time ever, we have a platform that your hotel can connect to other programs on the internet.
See why Event Temple is one of the fastest growing hospitality software companies in the country.

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