Caterease Or Event Temple?
Product Comparison

Should you choose Caterease or Event Temple for your Sales and Catering Software?

Caterease is a well-respected company within the venue management and catering software space. Perhaps you have been using Caterease for many years and are now considering making a change. Or, alternatively, you might be in the market for new venue management and/or catering software and are considering the pros and cons of both Event Temple and Caterease. In this short article, we'll cover the major differences between the two programs and why we feel it's worth your time to take a strong look at Event Temple if you are a venue of any kind.

As you'd expect, both programs are able to handle the main features that you'd expect from any catering software. These include event management, a multi-space booking calendar, invoicing, menus, catering documents, contracts, multiple-users and permissions, sales management, reporting and task management. Caterease was designed to look and feel like Microsoft Word and the entire program has a very "Windows/PC" look and feel to it. Event Temple on the other hand, was designed to look and feel like a "mac" product and is designed to feel both visual and modern. From our drag and drop lead pipeline to our color-coded calendars, our entire experience is designed for someone who is more "right brain" than for someone who might prefer looking at lists all day long (although we have great list views too if needed).

Caterease would be a more beneficial program for you if you are a very complex catering business and need to keep lists upon lists of ingredients and recipes. It's more robust than Event Temple on the "kitchen" side and if you are a chef, we feel that Caterease is the program for you. Having said that, Event Temple is still very strong at communicating catering orders, adding menus and packages to events, and communicating all of that with both the banquet team and the kitchen staff using BEOs, Kitchen Sheets, etc.

If you run a company that is purely a catering company and not a venue, we'd suggest taking a demo of Caterease. If you are a venue that books events (even if you do a lot of catering at your venue), then we recommend Event Temple.


Event Temple Benefits

In addition to having all of the main features that you'd expect in Caterease, you'll also gain the following additional benefits when using Event Temple:

These Include:
• Sync your email with Event Temple
• Send emails from Event Temple from your existing email
• Send and receive text messages from clients
• Send customers automated, personalized follow-ups
• Task Management and team communication
• Email open tracking
• Robust and modern Banquet Event Orders
• A document builder that allows you to create anything you'd like
• Integrations with thousands of programs on the internet
• A modern software look and feel you won't get anywhere else (And more)

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If you are looking for the best catering software for venues, check out Event Temple.

Event Temple is one of the fastest growing companies in the venue management industry. Our product is known for it's event management, catering and sales functionality. By connecting all 3 of these key business areas into one software, you'll gain an unfair advantage over your competitors using other software programs.

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