Venue Directory

Venue Directory is regarded as the industry leader in offering the biggest data center for venue information. It offers the perfect solution for event planners to discover, select, and inquire with over 378,845 venues in 310 cities across 170 countries. Event planning companies, business meeting planners, and private individuals can all share venue data thanks to its proprietary software, ‘GRATIS.’ This software facilitates making inquiries, bookings, invoices, reports, and commission claims.

Why We Love Them:

  1. Makes it easy for hotels to market their event spaces to the right people by enabling them to target particular event types and groups.
  2. Provides hotels with an inexpensive method to connect with a large audience of event planners; listing event spaces on venuedirectory.com can help hotels lower their marketing expenses.
  3. Provides a centralized platform for managing queries and reservations, making it simpler for hotels to monitor the availability of their event spaces and promptly react to queries.

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