MeetingPackage is an online platform that provides a centralized solution for booking meeting and event spaces at hotels and other venues. MeetingPackage provides a user-friendly platform for bookers to decide on meeting rooms and for hoteliers to sell their meeting rooms with the same ease as they can sell their bedrooms to simplify the time-consuming process of looking for and booking meeting rooms or venues.

MeetingPackage has been recognized as a top platform for meeting and event booking services

Why We Love Them:

  1. Help to increase the visibility of hotels among meeting and event planners, making it easier for them to find and book the hotel’s meeting and event spaces.
  2. Enables hotels to optimize their offerings and boost success over time by providing data-driven insights into their meeting and event business.
  3. Provides a user-friendly platform that allows meeting planners to search for easily and book meeting and event spaces, enhancing the customer experience.

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We specialize in sales and catering software for hotels, restaurants, conference centers, private member clubs and special event venues.