For-Sight provides hospitality professionals with its Hotel CRM & Marketing solutions, supporting them to deploy their marketing strategy at scale and generate revenue.   The platform is designed for hospitality professionals ready to develop a data-driven strategy and to implement marketing personalization and automation.  

For-Sight is the perfect tool if you’re looking at:

– Personalizing the guest experience at every touchpoint

– Automating your transactional communications (pre, on and post-stay)

– Tracking the success of your campaigns

– Accessing unique insights on your guests’ behavior and preferences

– And more! 

How does it work? For-Sight unites Hotel technology systems to turn siloed guest data from your Property Management System (PMS) and other transactional systems into a central source of truth for each guest and their journey.

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We specialize in sales and catering software for hotels, restaurants, conference centers, private member clubs and special event venues.