How to Generate More Hotel Sales Leads

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Hotel Sales Leads

We’re starting to see a bigger discussion on how hotels can generate more hotel sales leads. Part of this is due to the current global situation and the other part is due to an increase in competition. The simplified sales process begins with lead generation, followed by lead nurturing and relationship building and ends when you convert that lead into a sale. 

While not every sales process will look the same, these three core components will always be woven into the rest of the cycle. At Event Temple, we believe sales success happens when you develop simple, repeatable processes. This all starts with lead generation.

Lead generation, by definition, is the process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business’s products or services. In this article, we will discuss strategies that you can use to generate and increase your hotel’s leads. 


Set targets for your sales and marketing team to increase your hotel sales leads. Accountability can be a driving force for any team to be successful. If you’ve never set a quota before, look at your last year’s results and increase them by 10 – 25% depending on your sales forecast. 


Lead quotas give your team direct feedback that their actions are driving results. Make sure to look at the results monthly, create an action plan for any missed targets, and celebrate all your wins.


Website forms are one of the most common tactics for capturing online leads but how do you drive traffic to your website and incentivize visitors to fill out your online forms? It all starts with content. Creating captivating and engaging content is the first step to increasing your site traffic. 


You want to capitalize on that content by having opt-in forms and pop ups strategically located throughout your site to capture emails and build your list. 

Blog Posts

Write a combination of SEO content with content that appeals to your guests. For SEO content, make a list of top keywords that you want to rank for by using websites like Ahrefs to gather than data. 

Mix in content about topics that guests are constantly asking for. Some of the most engaging content on hotel websites are top 5 lists, city must sees, tourist stops, or restaurant recommendations. Always include a call-to-action on each page which could include a free download, a coupon code, or access to your loyalty program. The goal is to add value to your potential guests while capturing their emails. 

Social Media

Connect your blog posts and share them through your social media content to increase your traffic. When sharing content on instagram, link-in-bio apps like LinkTree or Campsite help increase your website traffic and click through rate. 

Email Marketing

Keep your leads engaged while driving content to your website through your email list. Send a variety of emails with monthly content roundups, deals, or upcoming events in your city. You can also use contests with influencers (ex. Influencers who do 12 Days of Giveaways over the holidays) to leverage their following to increase your email list.

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In a report by Nielsen, 92% of consumers trust a recommendation from family and friends than any other form of advertising. Not only is that a high conversion rate, it also is one of the most affordable forms of advertising. 

In order to increase word of mouth advertising, offer your local community incentives for giving you referrals. This can include complimentary access to your gym or pool, a discount at your hotel bar, or special events hosted at your property. Another way to increase your word of mouth marketing is by having a loyalty program. You can offer a discount or loyalty points for any customer referrals. 


Have you ever visited a website and then saw an ad for that site on Facebook? This is retargeting. The goal is to be top of mind for any visitors that come to your website but don’t take any action. You can create ads for any visitors that come to your website but do not fill out a form or make a reservation. You can set these up yourself or hire an ad agency to help you. 


There are so many different ways to generate hotel sales leads. You want to make sure that you have a holistic approach that includes goal setting, driving traffic to your website and increasing your community presence. By combining content creation with email marketing and retargeting campaigns, you will increase your brand awareness and the likelihood of converting leads into bookings. 

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