Hotel Sales Tools

Powerful hotel sales tools for properties without meeting space including prospecting, e-proposals, digital contracts, workflows, group sales, room blocks, LNR agreements, insights and reporting.

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Close More Business, Faster

Powerful tools that help you prospect, close, manage and report.
A single system to run your entire sales process.

Prospect For New Customers

Quickly schedule, execute and track sales activities for contacts and accounts.

Send eProposals & Win Deals

Send professional proposals in minutes and stand out from the competition.

Book Groups & Corporate Business

Build room blocks for groups and track LNR agreements and production.

Deep Reporting & Insights

Generate in-depth reports on pipeline, sales activity, accounts, pace, and more.

What's Included In Sales Tools:

Our Sales Tools are ideal for hotels without meeting space who want to win more business.
Manage your entire sales process, from prospect to close, in a single cloud-based program.

Pipeline & CRM

A visual sales pipeline that includes robust account and contact management. This is the only sales CRM your hotel will need to manage B2B customers.

Hotel Group Sales

Build room blocks, track pickup, ADR, arrivals, departures and more. Event Temple is the only program you'll need to manage the entire group sales process.

eProposals & Docs

Generate beautiful digital proposals that your customers can sign online in seconds. Respond to leads faster than the competition and win more business.

Smart Mail

Create stunning, personalized, sales emails in a click. Our smart mail connects to outlook and gmail and can be used for outreach, quoting, retention and more.

Digital Invoicing

Get paid up to 2X faster with digital invoices and online payment. Prevent fraud, shorten your sales cycle and provide customers with a better experience.


Get your day back. Schedule important to-dos and emails, automatically. Generate personalized check-ins, follow-ups and more, all automatically.

Chain Management

A single mission control where you can configure and view all of your properties from one place. Standardize your sales process across your entire group.

Mobile Sales CRM

Enlist your entire team to help you sell. Easily track sales activities, accounts and contacts from your mobile phone. Spend time with customers, not on data entry.

Why Choose Our Hotel Sales Tools?

If you are looking for Hotel Sales Tools, or perhaps a replacement for another existing hotel Sales and Catering System you might have used in the past, then you've come to the right place. While we won't attempt to make a direct comparison between Event Temple and all the Hotel Sales Tools on the market today in this article, we will talk about Event Temple's benefits, strengths and features as we see them so that you can do your own research between us and other programs and then make an educated decision for yourself.

We hope that this article helps you learn more about Event Temple to guide you in your research when evaluating not just Hotel Sales Tools specifically, but all of the Sales and Catering software available to you on the market today. Keep in mind that software is very subjective based on what is important to you. It is our team's goal that we can help you find the very best solution for your hotel's needs. We will also provide you with some essential high-level criteria that your hotel or hospitality group can use to make a well-informed decision regarding whether or not Event Temple might be the right program for you based on your unique requirements.


Event Temple's Benefits:

Event Temple is an enterprise hospitality sales and catering software, and as such, it has many of the standard "table stake" features that you simply wouldn't be able to do your job without.

The Core Benefits Of Our Hotel Sales Tools Include:

• Respond To New Inquiries Faster
• Improved Prospecting Processes
• Enhanced Pipeline Management
• E-Proposals Built Into The Software
• Powerful Integrations
• Sales Reporting & Insights
• Easy To Learn, Use And Implement
(And more)

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