Event Temple and Please Ask M Unite for Event Success

Jun 23rd, 2023 in

Event Temple partners up with Please ask m


Exciting news is on the horizon as Event Temple’s partner list continues to grow! We are thrilled to announce the addition of Please Ask M to Event Temple’s growing partner list. This collaboration brings together two industry-leading companies, combining modern event management software with advanced event technology solutions.

Event Temple’s feature-rich platform consists of a wide range of tools that significantly streamline sales and operations administration tasks for hoteliers. From digital invoicing and smart emailing to e-proposals, chain management, GRC calendar, workflows, and a robust sales pipeline, Event Temple empowers hoteliers to save up to 5 hours per week, allowing them to save time, increase revenue and focus on crucial tasks.

Please Ask M, with its intelligent AI assistant ‘M’ specifically designed for the hospitality industry, further enhances operational efficiency. By automating and centralizing business requests, Please Ask M enables hoteliers to process and respond to requests swiftly. The AI assistant extracts essential information from emails, processes it within the reservation system, and generates accurate quotes in minutes instead of hours. This leaves ample time for staff members to oversee the process and cater to specific custom requests, resulting in enhanced productivity and guest satisfaction.

Together, Event Temple and Please Ask M empower hoteliers to optimize their operations, provide personalized experiences, and generate more revenue. We are excited about the boundless opportunities this partnership presents and look forward to helping hoteliers achieve new levels of success.

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