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Product Comparison

Which Software Should Your Hotel Choose For Managing Sales And Catering?

It's becoming increasingly common for us to meet sales and catering managers who have either been on Delphi fdc for a long time, or who are on an older version of Delphi and are considering making the switch to the newer Salesforce-based program. In this product comparison, we'll cover the major differences between Delphi.fdc and Event Temple.


We will also provide you with some important information you should know about working with Delphi's new Salesforce-based product versus Event Temple. We'll provide you with some essential high-level criteria that your hotel or hospitality group can use to make a well-informed decision regarding which of the two programs will be right for you.


Event Temple's Features:

Delphi fdc and Event Temple have many features in common. Since they are both built as enterprise hospitality sales and catering software, they both have many of the same standard "table stake" features that you simply wouldn't be able to do your job without.

These Include:

• Event Calendar
• Invoicing
• Banquet Event Orders
• Hotel CRM
• Task Management
• Sales & Catering Reports
(And more)


More importantly however, are the differences. Delphi fdc is simply a customized version of Salesforce, an all-purpose sales crm. Through conversations with many customers, we've learned that many versions of Delphi fdc are very different, even though they are labeled as the same program. This can create confusion when initially getting started with Delphi fdc. It can also lead to substantial customization fees. By contrast, Event Temple was purpose-built with hotels in mind and will be immediately usable by your team on day one.

Here are the main things you'll see in Event Temple that you won't find in delphi fdc:

• Sync W Your Google or Outlook Mobile Calendar
• Modern drag and drop visual interface
• Sync Your Emails W Outlook or Gmail
• Learn To Use Event Temple Within An Hour
• Send Text Reminders
• Beautiful, Branded Banquet Event Orders & Documents
• No Duplicate Data Entry - All Features Are 2 Clicks Away
• Online Payments and E-Signatures At No Extra Cost
• Usable Within Hours Of Signing Up

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